Inventive Entrepreneurship

Inventive Entrepreneurship

Be it business, journalism, engineering, or other major fields of concentration that the liberal arts don’t offer per se, the underlying skills - of computing, ciphering, persuasive writing, effective speaking, and careful reading - endure as the central activities and the skills needed for success. These fundamentals position students to take on new, unrelated challenges. By combining these skills with curiosity, perseverance, resourcefulness, and the ability to draw conclusions, students will possess durable skills and be prepared to thrive in the blinding velocity of change that marks the modern world.

-Brian Morello’85, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit


As a part of Brian Morello’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship class in 2014, every student begins with $20 and Brian challenges them to flip it to $40, growing their capital consistently through the semester. With the help of my roommate at the time, I launched an on-campus business, Fresh Fruit and Smoothies, in response to Brian’s challenge. We generated a sought-after product into a business that we continued beyond his class and through the end of our first year.

I now operate a clothing brand, Robert Tavory. My first collection, Broke College Student, is an ongoing collection dedicated to people who consider themselves to be in the collegiate phase of their education.

-Robert Tavory'18  (pictured upper right)


Many of the jobs that today's undergraduates will come to hold don't even exist yet, and an education that can prepare students for the unknown is more vital now than ever before. Entrepreneurship, whether it be in the business or social spheres, is an increasingly valuable approach to professional life. Beloit knows this, which is why our students are empowered to develop their professional lives through imparting the skills of venturing in all its forms. 


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