Invested Mentorship

Invested Mentorship

Working with Dr. Rongal Watson was amazing. He was really supportive throughout the entire process. He has guided me when necessary, but also allowed me a lot of independence to figure things out for myself. He still continues to mentor me, helping me navigate the discipline, and now with applying to conferences. Ron keeps me calm and makes sure I never overwhelm myself, while also pushing me past my boundaries to assure I am having a meaningful experience.

-MJ Strawbrige'19 (pictured upper right)


Partnering with a faculty member was really rewarding. I was able to get direct and speedy feedback from Dr. Bill New at all times, and it created a bond of trust between us that allowed me to become very comfortable in telling him my ideas and getting constructive feedback. It also helped me realize even more just how much the faculty here at Beloit respect their students...

-Kiri Eun Ah Youngquist'19 (pictured lower right)


93% of Beloit College students reported that they have a mentor on campus who "encourages me to pursue my goals and dreams." This is what Beloit is all about: building a network of mentors—faculty, staff, and alumni—invested in the growth, development, and experience of students.


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