Strategic Internships

Strategic Internships

The work I have done through the Duffy Community Partnerships program has allowed me to gain experience in corporate businesses, and has help me learn what I am interested in. My experiences at Kerry Foodservice and Hendricks Commercial Properties has shown me that my true passion is in analyzing data and information. In the future, I will continue to take statistics and data visualizations courses, and I will pursue a career that involves the use of past information to make decisions for the future.

-Ryan Sughroue'18 (pictured upper right)


The Duffy Program really influenced the way I view the world. I’ve always considered myself involved, but this course definitely instilled in me the importance of regular community involvement. This has influenced my current research project on the accessibility, comfort, and relevance, of public libraries in people’s lives. Now I plan to be a community engagement librarian to try to create the best information and resource center I can, wherever I end up.

-Katie Kennedy'18 (pictured middle right)


I applied in the late spring of this year for an internship at Fairbanks Morse. I was accepted and spent this past summer with Fairbanks Morse working in project management. I absolutely loved this opportunity and I hope to return to a full-time position upon graduation.

-Kevin Joswiak'18 (pictured lower right)


100% of Beloit students participate in internships or field study through programs like the Field Experience Grant program and the Duffy Community Partnerships program. These immersive experiences are intentionally designed to explore students' passions, talents, and vision for their professional life. 


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