Collaborative STEM Research

Collaborative STEM Research

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Summer Scholars program this past summer and was able to get a hands-on learning experience in a field that I was passionate about. I discovered that I sincerely enjoy being in the lab and conducting productive research that could potentially help others.  This research has helped me realize the importance and lack of publicity of antibiotic resistance, and it encourages me to continue pursuing solutions for this particular global issue.

Dr. Kristin J. Labby was and continues to be a fantastic mentor. She allowed me to gain confidence in performing new lab techniques, analyzing NMR, and reading scientific journals. I’m grateful that the skills and confidence she has fostered will translate to other future research I will conduct during graduate school and beyond.

-Leah Mellett'18 (pictured upper right)


In our eight-week, full-commitment research program, we developed a collaborative model in which my mentor, Dr. Erin Munro Krull, two of my peers (from the Summer Science and the Biomedical Scholars programs) and I played a significant role in the advancement of an ongoing research project, and in the dissemination of the new knowledge this research produced.

Reading about my mentor’s work in the field of neuroscience and her contributions to this specific problem got me hooked! With an active interest in the field of mathematics and enthusiasm for scientific models and procedures, I was confident that I would really enjoy it – and I did!

-Shambhavi Upadhyaya'19 (pictured lower right)


100% of Beloit students participate in internships or field study programs. This is how students gain specialized knowledge in their chosen field of study, while also being exposed to other disciplines along the way. This type of education, a Beloit education, molds strong analytical thinkers inside and outside the classroom. 


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